Build a sales forecast.
Build a your customer segmentation.

just by uploading a csv.

What we offer

Not all the companies can afford a data analyst but all of them have numbers to crunch. Our platform is here to help crunch your data: build an automated sales forecast, run a customer segmentation, predict customer churn. If your are a small or medium size business, read further, this might interest you.

How it works.

  1. You have a business question: Let's say you need to run statistical forecasts or run a customer segmentation.
  2. You connect to our website, choose the analytic app you need, upload a CSV of data, and the data will be processed in the background.
  3. Once ready, you can download and visualize the result and get immediate and concrete business answers.
  4. In case of question, you can send a contact email.

Discover the modules already available for you

Application #1

Sales and Finance Forecasting via machine learning

You will be able to use Prophet, an open-source forecasting machine learning model developped by the data science team of Facebook. You can learn more about the model here.

  • A powerful algorithm for buiding forecasts
  • Forecasts at a daily level
  • Forecast visualization and graphics
  • Apply the holidays and bank holidays of the country selected
  • Run several forecasts simulataneously
  • Downloadable dataset
  • Multiple batches possible

Ideal if...

  • You are in sales and need to forecast quickly each country or product line
  • You don't have any experience of working with time series
  • You need to benchmark your manual forecast with a statistical model (E.g. in case your are building a bottom-up forecast).

Application #2

Customer segmenting using the Recency Frequency Monetary methodology

We can help you understand the behaviour of your customers and get to an actionable marketing insight, using the RFM customer segmentation.

  • A methodology using quintiles statistical approach
  • Segmenting your customers in 11 segments
  • Segmenting your customers in 3 level of monetary value
  • Downloadable dataset
  • Multiple batches possible

Ideal if...

  • You are a marketer and want spend wisely your marketing budget
  • You need to build a fidelization program
  • You want to address the right message to the right customer

Application #3

Predict your customers' likelihood to purchase again at your shop

This module helps you determine for each customer their probability to purchase at your shop over a determined timeframe - hence understand who among your customers is likely to churn or not.

  • Scoring of each customer to determine if they are alive/dead
  • Ranking the customers according to their likelihood to purchase
  • BG/BND (Beta Geometric Negative Binomial Distribution) statistical model.
  • Downloadable dataset
  • Multiple batches possible

Ideal if...

  • You follow the objetive to run a short-term sales action
  • You need to prevent your customers from churning