Frequently Asked Questions

What happen after at the expiration date?

You will need to proceed again to the checkout to get access to the platform.

No access to the data will be authorized anymore. For this reason, we encourage you to download and delete your data every time you're done with your work.

Are my data safely stored?

Yes - but we encourage you to delete the data you just uploaded every time you get the results. The reason is simple: you upload confidential corporate data and these should remain confidential at all time. We offer you the possibility to delete all the data, every time you used the platform. There's no reason why you should keep them being stored once you have your result.

Im' not sure how this works, can I contact you if I have a question after the sign-up?

Of course! Always! I will try to answer as fast as possible to answer to your question. You might wait 1 or 2 days, but don't worry, we'll make up for this. Questions to have is a legitimate thing. Explainations withing the plateform should be straightforward, as all what you need to upload in terms of data is very detailled.

Are my payment details really secured?

Yes - the website is protected via https (secured) protocol, everything is encrypted. Payments don't happen on our website, they are being processed directly by Stripe Payment.

We do not have access at any time to your payment details (credit card number for instance).

Who is currently developping the site?

It's litteraly a one-person-job, but very motivated and very accessible. See it as a freelancer who would build a platform instead of doing ad hoc projects. This means you can easily reach out to me or ask me to work on a new module if you have a specific need I could help you with. You can learn more about me here.

What is the technology behind DataInsightOut?

The platform is coded entirely in Python. Python is not only one of the most popular programming language, but also the most adapted and popular when it comes to data science and modelling.

The forecasting module is relying on Prophet technology, an algorithm developped by the data science team at Facebook. Be reassured, the data is however not going to Facebook, all large silicon valley developpers team contribute to the developping community by sharing code. Prophet algorithm is one of them. A simple research on Google about Prophet can give more information about it.

The RFM customer segmentation is a propretary code and the churn model is using 'lifetimes' algorithm.

Why not a recurring subscription?

The purpose of it is to give you all flexibility in the usage of DataInsightOut. You might decide to use only one module and you might be done with forecasting after one week or two of work. You might also want to run the RFM customer segmentation every 6 months. Having a one shot subscription allows to buy and re-buy platform usage based on your needs - and not getting stuck.