Datainsight software: Application screenshots

In order to show you how datainsightout works in concrete terms, and what you will see once you'll have signed-up to datainsightout you'll find below a couple of screenshots of the application. You can see all the tools available on our product page.

Once logged in, you'll find a homepage, making it possible for you to choose the application of your choice (forecasting, customer segmentation or likelihood to purchase).

In each application, you'll find detailled instructions, guiding you step by step. Read them carefully and everything will be ok! You will have to upload a prepared CSV file with your data in the right format. The application will then do the calculations for you.

You'll be able to visualize quickly the result of the forecast generated via a graphic, accessible in one or two clicks.

All the results are downloadable, for you to easily use them with your Excel spreadsheets or consolidate them into your own data system.