How to use Prophet forecast with no programming?

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Do you find forecasting to be difficult? Don’t know where to start?

Building a baseline can be easy. At least a baseline you can use to fine tune.

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The answer to this question is very easy. Just have a look at our product, which makes using Prophet from Facebook very easy to use for business people. You just need to upload a CSV file, set a few parameters, and you will get a forecast at daily level.

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You want to forecast but have no programming expertise...

Forecasting is a topic between art and science.

Fact is: most of business people have no skills in programming. Asking the IT department to work on a forecast is a total no go. Developers have other priorities than just building a forecast. Working with time series also requires a lot of skills and experience. 

You could ask someone from analytics. However, most of the companies don't have any analytics department. Analysts, data scientists are not only very expensive - but they are hard to find. 

We have the solution for you!

Using Prophet via datainsightout is a no brainer.

It can't be more complicated.

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Do you find forecasting to be difficult? Don’t know where to start?

We enable sales forecasting, using a machine learning algorithm. Have a look at our product page to understand how we can help you building your sales forecast

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