How mature is your company?

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...Or more exactly: what is the degree of maturity of your management?

Here a list a quick test to assess the level of maturity of your company:

  1. your company has no goal defined

  2. your company has set goals

  3. your company has set goals and communicated them

  4.  your company has set goals, communicated them and everyone knows them

  5.  your company has set goals, communicated them, everyone knows them and everyone is only working on achieving them


Typically a newly created company, with big ambition, a vision, but no goal has been clearly set up. People are just to busy and the management assume that everyone knows what the company wants to achieve. Even if goals change every day...


This is when the boss is starting to realize that achieving a common goals, actually matters for alignement and realize that some miscommunication and misunderstandings is coming from that.


Goals have been defined and at this stage... and the senior management communicated on them officially, outside their little circle. 


This is where the middle management comes and plays a critical role: making sure that everyone knows where the company wants to go, from intern to senior staff members, executive or PA. The role of the middle management is quite often to repeat them.


This is where you have some control and discipline coming from all the team members. Priorities have been defined, OKRs have been set up to track the performance against achievable targets, which are 100% in line with the general goal of the company set by the management team. 

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