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Some words about DataInsightOut...

My name is Anthony and I developped DataInsightOut. As the software is just kicking off; I just wanted to give a little bit of background behind the tool, why I created it and say a few words about the blog you're currently reading. 

It all started from my personnal experience...

I worked over a decade in Analytics, for multiple companies:silicon valley name, fashion retail, FMCGs and even a French shopping comparison website. My job is to build the bridge between the data and the business. When I talk to my business partner, they all come to me with a legit business question; such as "what about the performance of the launch of product X?or "we're in the budget process, can you help us building fast multiple forecast?", or even "We need to understand better the consumption behaviour of our customers, we have tons of data... but don't know where to start". It's basically like living in the matrix:
  1. You need to understand the purpose, behing the simple question and keep an eye on the big picture (outcome must be understandable by all business folks, actionable and ultimately generate revenue and growth).
  2. You need to interpret it and like a doctor would do, use your expertise and experience to diagnostic and come with a cure plan - here a solution
  3. Translate it into the data world and get to an impactful result

This job requires 2 expertise fields: (1) knowing the business, and at the very least, the business drivers and (2) getting a deep data knowledge... to do the job.

The question for me was to say: instead of freelancing and helping one by one companies, can't I build a tool to help them?

Commonalities accross companies

I realized though that there are common patterns accross companies: there are many powerful and cool analytical tools out there which could help people leveraging their data. 
The philosophy of DataInsightOut is to empower the business partner. No big data expertise is required, you just input a CSV file with the raw dataset you have. Let's say per day, the number of sales. To build a forecast, DataInsightOut won't know anything about the metric you're uploading, it's just about (a) a date and (b) a number. That's all you need and all we'll know. Then the forecast algorithm will do its job and ... forecast.
Let's be clear. This is not something which is going to replace a data analyst or a data scientist. However, not all the companies can afford these kind of profile. It's more like a companion tool, which might help you making data-driven decision, based on your own dataset. 
Your feedback is critical. You want or need a feature? Well, maybe I could add it to the tool. Pragmatism over dogmatism. 

I would love to hear from you, so let's be in touch soon.

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Datainsightout helps crunching your numbers... discover how

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