12 Best entrepreneurial tips to launch a start-up

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You want to launch a start-up? In Europe? 

The French start-up incubator dealt with a hundreds of them - and one of their founer, Oussama Ammar, is sharing in a serie of 12 must-seen videos, a lot of amazing tips on how to launch a successful start-up nowadays. 

Some of the advices given are common sense - but are good to hear.

This is not a cook-book for success, more a mindset to acquire in order to launch a start-up company. Unlike many books, this is based on the experience and expertise of true investors, going through a countless number of business pitch-elevators, business plan and strategical decisions every day. Earing tips rooted in the ground is good!

Video 1 - Started from the bottom

Video 2 - Europe I love you

Video 3 - What's your problem ?


Video 4  - The Art of Focusing

These videos posted by The Family are just apetizers, the full serie has 12 videos.

If you want to know more about them and get the full serie, you only need to go to their website and you'll be able to watch the full serie of videos full with recommendations for start-up founders accross the globe. 

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